Shoot 360

About Shoot 360

Eligibility: Campers Ages 6-18

A new component within our camp programming, this technology will increase the skill level of our participants by measuring and tracking shooting percentage, left/right accuracy, shot arc, and shot depth of every athletes’ shot. The skill cages will enable our participants to follow a virtual trainer to put their ball-handling and passing skills to the test.

Shoot 360 is available for all camp and mini-camp participants!



Take your shooting skills to new levels with Shoot 360! Test, train and track your shot like never before!

Shoot 360 passing - 1.8.20


Put your passing skills to the test and experience the world’s first high-tech passing skills court. You’ll develop better accuracy, speed and timing with your passes.


Ball Handling

Improve your ball-handling skills with our virtual trainer who will lead you through a series of guided workouts.

Free New Shooter Evaluation

Eligibility: Campers Ages 6-18

Warriors Basketball Camp participants are now eligible for a free new shooter evaluation.  They will be evaluated in shooting, ball handling and passing.  Sign up for any camp or mini-camp and receive details on how to schedule your free new shooter evaluation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can my child experience Shoot 360?

Participants that attend any camp or mini-camp in Oakland will have the opportunity to experience Shoot 360 during their session.  Campers who attend sessions outside of Oakland will receive the opportunity to schedule a free new shooters evaluation.

Can I just come in and shoot?

No. Shoot 360 is an element within Warriors Basketball Academy.  Camp participants will have the opportunity to experience this technology at camp and beyond. 

What are Shoot 360 bundles?

Campers that attend a free new shooters evaluation will be able to add Shoot 360 bundles (6 visits or 12 visits) to their camp registration.  These bundles will enable campers to participate in Shoot 360 beyond camp