Team Training 4

NEW - Shoot 360 Team Training

Warriors Basketball Academy is excited to announce that Shoot 360 Team Training is now available for programs looking to give their players an edge on the court.  Join us at the Warriors Basketball Facility in Oakland where your team will get to experience Shoot 360 workouts that include additional practice time on our open courts.



  • Boys and/or girls teams with players, ages 8-18 (no minimum number of players required for Shoot 360 workouts)
  • Minimum of 10 players per team to be eligible for a practice slot (maximum of 15)


Each team training membership includes:

  • Daily access (up to one, 60-minute Shoot 360 workout per day)
  • Expert floor coaching
  • Individualized stats on the Shoot 360 app
  • Flexible scheduling (open 7 days a week) and ability to coordinate workouts as a team
  • Eligibility to sign your team up for an on-court practice slot (one hour per week on open courts)


Team Building Option:

  • One time Shoot 360 experience for your team
  • Minimum of 10 players needed to participate
  • 1-Hour Option: all players get 30 minutes on the Skills Cages and 30 minutes on the Shooting Cages
  • 2-Hour Option: all players get 30 minutes on the Skills Cages, 30 minutes on the Shooting Cages PLUS you (the Coach) receive 1-hour to lead a team practice on one full court


Contact Josiah Barber at for more information. 


Team Training 3


Each Shoot 360 workout includes 30 minutes in the shooting cages, where Shoot 360 technology tracks each participant's shooting percentage, left/right accuracy, shot arc and shot depth.  

Team Training 2


Each Shoot 360 workout also includes 30 minutes in the skill cages, where participants can follow along a virtual trainer to put their ball-handling and passing skills to the test. 

Team Training 5


Teams also get to utilize 60 minutes of on court practice time with their coaching staff.